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Floral Sage Bouquet with Citrine Cluster

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This handcrafted bundle captures the magic of a ritual cleansing experience. Infused with natural botanicals, it combines creamy yellow roses, vibrant wildflowers, and fragrant dried star anise with rejuvenating eucalyptus and grounding sagebrush.

Wrapped in organic hemp cord and hand dyed silk sari ribbon, this bundle also includes a citrine crystal, known for its cleansing and energizing properties. The star anise enhances psychic vision, while eucalyptus provides protection and emotional well being. 

This sacred tool is perfect for purifying your space, calming your mind, and elevating your spiritual practice. Measuring 7-8 inches long, it comes with a 1-2 inch citrine crystal, a soft white cloth bag, and a detailed guide.

Beautifully packaged and ready to gift or keep, this heartfelt piece is infused with love and intention.