"THESE. ARE. AMAZING! They smell so good and they are so beautiful! I have never smelled soap that is this amazing. The bars are a good size too and the dried flowers are just so beautiful! I highly recommend. I’m so glad I purchased these. They also shipped super fast. Very pleased with my purchase" - Elina ★★★★★

"I can't get enough of these products, they are so well made you can really tell time went into each item. I LOVE my wand and perfume! Definitely spreading the word to all my friends!
-Alyssa ★★★★★

We can't thank Angie enough! We ordered this for our wedding and when we received it we were blown away! It smelt amazing, you could even smell it through all the packaging. You can tell love and passion goes into these bundles. We couldn't be happier!
- Madison ★★★★★

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