Our goal is to increase worldwide awareness of native heritage, and bring beauty and strength to all who bring a Topanga Window item into their home. Come on and take this journey, and feel the history and energy behind each item made. May it fill your heart and spirit with joy.

CEDAR SMOKE CLEANSING STICK + Rosemary, Thyme + Cinnamon

    These powerful bundles of sacred plants will help to reconnect to the deeper levels of your inner spirit and Mother Earth.

    In addition we offer a variety of botanicals, wood, resin and incense for use in smoke cleansing and spiritual healing. Sage alternatives as well as White Sage (Salvia Apiana) for our Indigenous community.


    This incense mix is traditionally used by the Quechua people of the Cusco region of Peru in the ritual Q'apaq Kapachi a ceremony for purification and honoring of the Apu. Made with a mixture of Palo Santo, lavender, anise, quinoa, grageas, copal, wiraqoya and other sacred herbs and aromatic plants.

  • Custom designs for home, sacred space, weddings and events. Custom gifts and ritual boxes for spiritual healing and cleansing.


    As we all adjust daily to these changing and challenging times, spiritual cleansing and protection is needed to help us navigate through uncertainty with guidance and calming energy. Find the beauty in your life, especially when it seems hidden from view.

    We create custom designs for your sacred space or needs.

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