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The moon has long been a source of wonder and mysticism in cultures around the world. As a guide, protector, and agent of transformation, the moon's energy can be a powerful tool for spiritual healing and self-reconnection.

Designed to help you tap into that lunar magic, our Lotus Moon Ritual Bath Soak is the ultimate addition to any bath or moon-inspired ritual. Infused with calming blue spirulina, detoxifying dead sea salts, and nourishing colloidal oats, this soak will leave your skin glowing and your soul rejuvenated.

The star ingredient? Egyptian blue lotus flowers - a sacred botanical with a deep history in spiritual practices. Known for its ability to promote relaxation and enhance mindfulness, the blue lotus is the perfect companion for your ritual soak.

Scented with a custom essential oil blend and packaged in a reusable glass jar, this bath soak is as beautiful as it is beneficial. Simply add 2 scoops to running bathwater, slip into the calming blue waters, and let the energy of the moon wash over you.


Wooden spoon for easy scooping
Cloth tea bag for post-soak cleanup.
Organic, cruelty-free, and made with love.

9 oz

Ready to bathe in the glow of the Lotus Moon?