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The moon appears in the mythology of many Indigenous cultures. It is a guide, a protector, a guardian spirit, a timekeeper, and is associated with transformation.
Use this ritual bath soak for spiritual healing and guidance. A way to reconnect, finding peace and balance with yourself. An essential to any bath or moon ritual.
In addition to the calming blue waters, Spirulina provides strong detoxifying benefits for your skin. The added blend of dead salt, arrowroot, epsom and colloidal oats will soften and replenish needed minerals and antioxidants.
The Egyptian blue lotus flowers added provide spiritual benefits. With its deep history in many cultures, it is known for use in spiritual awakening .
Scented with our special essential oil blend.
Notes: lavender, ylang ylang, grapefruit + sage
Organic + Cruelty Free
How to use:
Add 2 scoops or desired amount into running bath water. Allow to dissolve. Slip into the calming blue water of your ritual bath. Close your eyes and soak in the energy you've created.

Includes wooden spoon + cloth tea bag (for easy clean up) + how to use guide.
9 oz Reusable glass jar.

Made with loving energy xo