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Are these the cutest bundles ever?
Palo Santo and white selenite bundles that include pretty bunny tails wrapped with yellow silk ribbon and a Bolivian good luck amulet.
You can choose an owl or frog. (Choose at checkout)

Palo Santo has a long spiritual history. References to this sacred tree date back to the Incan era, when it was used in rituals and ceremonies throughout Amazonia.

This sacred wood is native to Central and South America, and is extracted from the aged wood of fallen trees.
The wood and oil have distinct therapeutic benefits that are utilized in traditional ethno-botanical medicine of the Andes.


These amulets are believed to be symbols of good luck.
Pachamama figures are used by a curandera (healer) in the Bolivian Andes to ask the Pachamama (Earth Mother) for fertility, luck, prosperity, or protection.
They come in the form of frogs, owls, lizards, and other animals. Some believe that these Pachamama amulets can also be activated by burial in the ground. Pachamama is Mother Earth and a high deity in the Bolivian Quechuan culture.

Selenite is a popular crystal for protecting homes and other sacred spaces. It has a strong energetic vibration that is cleansing, purifying, protective and amplifying.
To keep your space safe, you can place selenite in a corner or windowsill by the entrance doorway.
A great beginner healing crystal. This shimmery silky white wand is known as the ‘Mother “ of all healing crystals.

Comes with guide and history for your Palo Santo, selenite and amulet.

3 Palo Santo Sticks
Selenite 3-4”
Storage drawstring bag

Makes for a lovely gift or personal use.

made with loving energy xo