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Experience the power of our sacred native plants with our beautiful cleansing stick made from wild harvested cedar, lavender, and wildflowers

Perfect for initiating or concluding a ceremony, it brings love, protection, and grounding energy. Adorned with a lovely vintage "dragonfly lady" charm, symbolizing change, transformation, rebirth, and self-realization.

Our plants are responsibly sourced and blessed with gratitude to Mother Earth, honoring the Indigenous culture they represent. Enjoy the ancient practice of smoke cleansing for spiritual purposes, believed to disperse impurities and lift negative thoughts and emotions. Cedar, one of the four sacred plants in the Indigenous American Medicine Wheel, is associated with prayer, healing, dreams, and protection. Our gift of sweetgrass symbolizes healing, peace, and spirituality.

The dragonfly, a universal symbol of adaptability and self-realization, adds a beautiful touch.

Measures 7-8 " This smoke cleansing stick comes with descriptions and history of the plants and a burning guide, carefully packaged with loving energy.