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Peruvian Cacho / Seed Shaker

A percussive seed pod cacho, or shaker, handcrafted from a native gourd which is burnished and etched with geometric designs. Colorful tassel is attached with black braided cord. Beautifully detailed etching with vibrant earth tone colors.

The gourds are grown in the warm Central Valleys of the Andes, the costal oasis and in the jungles. After harvest they are thoroughly dried, skinned and then sanded smooth. Gourd carving is one of the oldest art forms in Peru and dates back to 2,500 BC.

Cachos are important to Indigenous music. A traditional percussion instrument from the Andes, they have a rich pre-Colombian tradition. . Cachos are used by Andean groups to keep rhythm when they are shaken to the beat in ceremonial dance.

These hand-crafted Andean cachos are made in Peru and measure 4-5”

Gourds don’t require special care and will last a lifetime. Clean simply with furniture polish or lemon oil.

Description/history card included.

Beautifully boxed and gift ready.