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Topanga Window


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Use these shells in rituals or for offerings in prayers and gratitude to Mother Earth.


The abalone shell follows the Native American belief that mother-of-pearl bearing shells and sage were a powerful combination that put them closer to the heavens.

The believed abalone healing properties of today are very similar to ancient beliefs of the shell. Abalone healing carries energies of protection and emotional balance. It brings with it a natural shielding that blesses the person holding it with tranquility. Abalone healing is especially helpful for those going through emotional turmoil or those having a hard time dealing with a situation in a relationship. Through it’s soothing energy, it provides a layer of protection that perches the spirit up with the confidence necessary to view situations from a new, more understanding perspective. If you think of abalone as representative of water, like many cultures do, it is the water that will tame the flames of one’s emotional strife.

These are natural color shells. They all have a beautiful creamy color with silvery rainbow swirls.
All shells are deep which make it easy to hold loose smudge blends, storing crystals, sacred stones or offerings.

All shells may vary slightly in shape but all are beautiful and very similar.

Shells are approximately 4”

Storage bag and abalone history sheet included.