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Inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird “

This is precious one of a kind floral sage stick made with blue desert sage, California white sage, sweet grass, lavender, wildflowers and a magenta rose. Added pheasant feathers bundled together with a white ribbon and charm.
Included is a black kyanite fan.
This Black kyanite crystal works with all the chakras to bring your energy field back into alignment. When placed upon your seven chakras, it directs its healing energy to repair any tears or holes. Black Kyanite clears out imbalances and energy blocks to restore a positive flow of energy throughout your body.

SONGBIRD Floral wand is approximately 6'
Black Kyanite stone is approximately 3"
Comes with a cloth pouch to carry your crystal.

No smudge wand is the same. Each with their own unique healing energy.

A beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one!

Made always with love + light.