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Topanga Window


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This powerful bundle of sacred plants will help to reconnect to the deeper levels of your inner spirit and mother earth.
We have gathered wild harvested cedar, mugwort, rosemary and sweet annie.
This combination helps to create an earthy and spiritual sacred smoke.

The cedar tree has been revered for its spiritual significance for thousands of years.

One of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense and purifying herb.
Cedar is especially associated with prayer, healing, dreams, and protection against disease.
It is also one of the four sacred plants of the indigenous American Medicine Wheel and represents the Southern direction.

Also known mugwort, black sage is of particular use to those who seek aid in path working, divination, dream work or all manner of other spiritual journeys.
It is renowned as a smudging herb for its subtle, sweet scent and dream-inducing qualities. This sage is used for magic purposes in ritual practices and for protection.

Rosemary is another clearing and protective herb. It’s associated with fire, the sun, and masculine energy.
It’s believed to provide mental clarity, enhance memory, protect from negative energy, and open your heart.

SWEET ANNIE ( Artemisia annua) :
Sweet Annie has a sweet citrusy scent it is a powerful herb has strong ties to the spirit world.


Smudging holds an important place in Native American spirit healing. The smoke was believed to disperse impurities allowing the healing process to commence. As the smoke rose it was believed that prayers would also rise to the Spirit World and negative thoughts and emotions were lifted away.


Included with your cleansing stick is its history and instruction guide, and a description for herbs and plants used.
Beautifully handcrafted. Gently bound with organic thread These bundles are approximately 6 “
Detail packaging and ready for gifting or personal use.

made always with loving energy xo