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Stop and smell the roses!
Not only does this balm smell like a bouquet of fresh picked roses but it's packed with good for you ingredients.
We started by using a beautiful rose petal infused oil which we created in small batches. Blended 5 different oils and butters to soften, heal and nourish your skin and lock in moisture. Scented with a blend of essential oils.

We added rose petal powder not only for it’s lovely color but for the many qualities that benefit the skin.
Rose petal powder contains polyphenols, antioxidants that work to protect your body from cell damage.
As an anti inflammatory the oils present in roses help soothe swollen and inflamed skin conditions, including rosacea and eczema.

Can be used as a daily moisturizer.
Apply to dry skin on hands, face, cuticles, elbows or anywhere from head-to-toe that you’d like to instantly hydrate or smooth (external use only).

Non toxic organic ingredients. 

Packaged in a reusable 2 oz white tin container.


Made with loving energy xo