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MEDITATION GIFT BOX Himalayan Smudge Stick

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Himalayan Smudge Stick

Agarwood Rope Incense

Himalayan Healing Stone

Mango Wood Carved Box


A beautiful box set for gifting or personal use.

This handcrafted wooden box measures 9 x 3x 3
Hinged lids with latch
White wash over gorgeous mango wood
Can be used to store ritual tools, incense or use as a jewelry box.
Lovely home decor or altar piece.
Box is made in India

Set includes rope incense, himalayan salt healing stone and a 7" himalayan smudge stick with sari ribbon. Comes with smudge stick history and uses. Himalayan salt stone uses and description.
Soft cloth bag for crystal storage.


This Himalayan smudge stick contains herbs gathered in Nepal and blended to promote purification and positive energies. High Mountain Juniper purifies, and invokes dakinis (female sky spirits). Indian Spikenard is grounding and pleases earth spirits. Sage promotes wisdom. Artemisia evokes visions, while Camphor dispels malevolent thoughts and spirits. Lemongrass sweetens and brings clarity of perception.


Agarwood is one the oldest ingredient used in incense. . Deeply primal, psychoactive and incredibly unique, the scent of fine agarwood is widely considered to be one of the very best scents for meditation and yoga, as well as many spiritual practices.
The Sufis use Agarwood oil in their esoteric ceremonies and Japanese Shamans use it for its psychoactive properties it opens the third eye as well as all of the upper chakras. It is recommended by experienced practitioners for providing motivation and devotion to meditation

Approximately 50 pieces, four inch ropes are artfully packaged in bundles of hand rolled lokta paper.
Handmade in Nepal.


This stone from the Himalayan mountains can be used to cleanse and purify all chakras in the body. However it works mostly with the heart. Combining the energies of the Sun, Earth, and ancient ocean it will connect one's heart to the divine love of mother Gaia.

Himalayan Salt absorbs and neutralizes all negative energies. Purifying and detoxifying.
These natural chunks of Himalayan pink salt are perfect for clearing negative or stagnant energies around you.
Place your stone near your bedside or carry with you in drawstring pouch (included).
May also be placed into your bath to help draw out toxins for a deep cleanse.
Allow stone to completely dry between uses.

Stones are mostly orange in color. Approx 2.5-3"

Made with loving energy xo