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HUMMINGBIRD Eucalyptus Stick + Abalone Shell + Healing Crystal

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Limited Collection

A delicate yet powerful handcrafted  bundle using dried eucalyptus. Adorned with pretty pink flowers, calming lavender, pink rose petals and wildflowers.
This stick has a very beautiful and calming fragrance when burned.
Also included is a clear quartz healing crystal and a vintage blue hummingbird charm.
Gently tied together with silk sari ribbon and a small white feather.

In Native American culture, hummingbirds are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy.
A hummingbird is considered to be a totem by many of the ancient tribes. Its physical abilities and way of living has associated this tiny bird with mighty beliefs.

Use eucalyptus for protection and energy healing.
Eucalyptus is known as one of Earth's earliest herbal healers. It helps with emotional well being . It is a stimulant and helps to awaken your spirit as it removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness and strengthens concentration.

CLEAR QUARTZ is considered the most versatile healing stone among all crystals.
Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy and/or intention.

The abalone shell follows the Native American belief that mother-of-pearl bearing shells and sage were a powerful combination that put them closer to the heavens.

Smoke c͏l͏e͏a͏n͏s͏i͏n͏g ͏f͏o͏r ͏s͏p͏i͏r͏i͏t͏u͏a͏l ͏p͏u͏r͏p͏o͏s͏e͏s ͏i͏s ͏a͏n ͏a͏n͏c͏i͏e͏n͏t ͏p͏r͏a͏c͏t͏i͏c͏e ͏t͏h͏a͏t ͏i͏s ͏c͏o͏m͏m͏o͏n ͏i͏n ͏a ͏w͏i͏d͏e ͏v͏a͏r͏i͏e͏t͏y ͏o͏f ͏c͏u͏l͏t͏u͏r͏e͏s ͏a͏n͏d ͏f͏a͏i͏t͏h͏s ͏a͏r͏o͏u͏n͏d ͏t͏h͏e ͏w͏o͏r͏l͏d.
The smoke was believed to disperse impurities allowing the healing process to commence. As the smoke rises it is believed that prayers also rise to the Spirit World and negative thoughts and emotions are lifted away.

You will receive:
1 floral eucalyptus stick
1 clear quartz healing crystal
Guide card
1 cloth pouch for crystal storage
1 Abalone Shell
Abalone shells are 3”

Beautifully and carefully packaged in a white box . Ready for gifting or personal use.