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A special and rare incense originating from the rainforest of Peru. It is strongly sought after for its uplifting and energizing qualities along with its ability to bring about a sense of focus and optimism.

Copal unites the energising force of the Sun with the grounding, transmutative properties of the Earth. A powerful yet gentle healer and cleanser, copal draws out and transmutes negative energy of all kinds on all levels. Copal aids in physical self-healing, emotional healing from depression, and environmental cleansing. It opens and cleanses all the chakras. Highly protective, it also aids to manifest ideas into reality.

A sweet floral light scent, not overpowering but very therapeutic and relaxing.

This incense comes in a rosewood celestial filigree box for storage.
Box measures 4 x 2”

Use with self igniting charcoals. Instructions included with one charcoal tablet.