CINNAMON BROOM + Apache Tears Stone
CINNAMON BROOM + Apache Tears Stone
CINNAMON BROOM + Apache Tears Stone
CINNAMON BROOM + Apache Tears Stone
CINNAMON BROOM + Apache Tears Stone

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CINNAMON BROOM + Apache Tears Stone

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Handcrafted mini cinnamon broom with an Apache Tears healing stone, an assortment of colorful feathers + silk sari ribbons.
Loop in the back for hanging.

Cinnamon Broom:

Known for good luck, cinnamon brooms are also useful in sweeping away negative energy or protecting against negative influences when hung above doorways.


Apache Tears is used for the 1st Chakra and 2nd Chakra to help protect and stabilize, to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Because of their mythological origin as the tears of suffering women and children, Apache Tears are a deeply empathetic stone that can help through struggles gracefully and gently. They are potent crystals for helping one heal from grief.


“Apache tears “ comes from a legend of the Apache tribe. 75 Apaches and the US Cavalry fought on a mountain overlooking what is now Superior, Arizona. In the 1870s, facing defeat, the outnumbered Apache warriors rode their horses off the mountain to their deaths rather than be killed.

The wives and families of the warriors cried when they heard of the tragedy, their tears turned into stone upon hitting the ground.

All Apache Tears are obsidian, but not all obsidians are Apache Tears. Obsidian is natural volcanic glass.


1 Cinnamon Broom, as pictured with feathers + crystal.

Broom measures 6”

Apache Tears stone is approximately 1 - 1.5”

Included with your cinnamon broom are care instructions and Apache Tears history & description.

Beautiful packaging for easy gifting.

made with loving energy xo