As we all adjust daily to these changing and challenging times, spiritual cleansing and protection is needed to help us navigate through uncertainty with guidance and calming energy. Find the beauty in your life, especially when it seems hidden from view.

I am accepting orders for personal custom cleansing bundles, ritual boxes and  spiritual decor.

Designs for personal use, loved ones, events, weddings, birthday celebrations and more.

Message me and tell me your needs. 


Angie xo

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Good evening,

This year I am shopping indigenous owned brands for the holidays as I am in the process of unlearning colonialism and capitalist ways. I would like to get some products whipped in time for Christmas if possible. I know it is very late in the season.

Additionally, I am getting married December 20th of this year and would like to acknowledge the land I live on with a smoke cleansing for myself and my home outside which is where my wedding ceremony will take place. I was hoping to use winter foliage and plants indigenous to the Americas in homage and respect.

Please write me back if you are not too busy and you think this would work given the short time frame. Thank you and have a pleasant evening.


Hana Sargent

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